Transforming Lives Through The Love of Christ


EHS Relationships Class

Following our Emotionally Healthy Spirituality Course in the fall we are excited to offer the Emotionally Healthy Relationship Course this spring.  Jesus said the two greatest commands were to love God and to love others (Matthew 22:36 – 40).  They really go hand in hand.  In fact, you cannot do one without the others.  The […]

Men’s Shelter Ministry

For the last eight years we have joined with Covenant Reformed Church in North Haledon on alternating Thursday nights to cook dinner, serve the men, sleep over and give them breakfast. Contact Brad Jones at with any  questions.  Sign up online here.  

Sunday Worship Service

Welcome! We invite you to join us in our worship service each Sunday morning.  We believe that there are no strangers, just friends we haven’t met yet.  Our prayer is that our service is a source of blessing and encouragement to you.  Our style of worship takes many forms; please feel free to join us […]

First Communion Class

Jesus Himself established this holy sacrament.  He commanded His disciples to partake of the bread and wine, emblems of His broken body and shed blood.  This was initiated during the Passover meal in which Jesus declared a new meaning and new symbolism for this celebration.  As Christians, we now refer to this practice as “The […]


CONNECT is our monthly gathering for couples.  We meet the second Saturday of each month studying a variety of topics related to marriage as well as learning communication and conflict resolution skills. We are currently on the topic: “Creating Happy (or Happier) Marriages” and are going through The Seven Principles For Making Marriages Work.”   Our […]

Church Board Meeting

Attendees:  Mike Hickey, Nancy Niedzwiecki, Holly Palma, Kelly Jones, Barbara Kozak, Mark Perkins, Deke Strauss Armando Brunetti, Steven Creange, Anna Rose   NOTE: Attention HMC Board Members only